College entrance exams cast good light on CISD students

By Michelle Pitcher

Results from the 2012 SAT and ACT examinations were released recently, and CISD saw tremendous growth in performance.

A record number of students took the SAT last year, with 86 percent sitting in on at least one exam. The mean score for CISD was 1696, exceeding the state and national averages. In addition, 68 percent scored above a 1550 (the college readiness benchmark score), almost three times higher than the state average and twice as high as the national average.

The composite ACT scores for CISD students have increased nine percent over the past six years, with an average of 25.1 for 2012 (which also exceeds state and national averages). Sixty-seven percent of the Class of 2012 took the ACT.

Juniors and seniors, to sign up for the ACT or the SAT, visit these sites. Register early!