Biden, Ryan prepare for crucial Vice Presidential Debate

By Thomas Hair
Opinions Editor

After a surprisingly impressive performance by Mitt Romney in the first Presidential Debate last Wednesday, the Vice Presidential Debate on Thursday has gained newfound importance. With Romney’s momentum surging this week, it will be a chance for the Barack Obama campaign to win back some confidence. However, a strong performance by Romney’s running-mate Paul Ryan could be what the Republican ticket needs to continue the recent reduction of Obama’s lead. The debate will be held at Kentucky’s Centre College with Martha Raddatz of ABC as moderator.

So just who are the two men who will be fighting for the populace’s approval and what are the keys to their debate?

Paul Ryan is a Wisconsin Congressman who was elected to the House of Representatives at the young age of 28. Paul is known for his controversial plan to fix the nation’s financial crisis by making big budget cuts to entitlements. Ryan has hitherto avoided specific discussion of his plan due to its potentially unpopular nature, but incumbent Vice President Joe Biden will be sure to attack Ryan’s financial plan, as well as his views on healthcare and severe lack of foreign policy experience, with every opportunity he gets. Biden has even warned that there may be some dishonesty from the Republican VP candidate, as Ryan attempts to moderate his true positions to come off as more voter-friendly like Romney.

After Obama’s lackluster showing last week, Biden will be forced to take a more aggressive approach. It is important for Ryan to remain on the offensive in attacking the Obama administration’s failures of the past four years and not be intimidated by his more policy-savvy opponent. This will be Ryan’s first time on such a grand stage, whereas Joe Biden certainly has the edge when it comes to experience – having done 18 presidential or VP debates in his career.

Though this will be the only Vice Presidential debate, there are two more scheduled Presidential Debates in the coming weeks. As evidenced by the swing in public polls after Obama’s no-show, these debates are not to be taken lightly and could be the boost the Romney campaign needed to turn things around. It is Biden’s job on Thursday to put a foot down on this building momentum.