Coppell Dog Park plans speeding forward

By Tina Huang

Staff Writer


Man’s best friend may be getting their own park in Coppell.

In the past year, a movement to push the City of Coppell to make a dog park has been charging forward with Coppell resident Tracy Allard at its head.

Although Coppell has heard of citizen interest in a dog park, no action has been taken to pursue the goal until recently. In August, Allard, along with some supporters, presented the idea at the Coppell Parks and Recreation Board Meeting.

Due to her obvious passion in the pursuit, very thorough powerpoint presentation and citizen support, the Parks and Recreation Board has put dog park on its agenda.

This past Monday, the Park Board met again and Allard was back, but his time with 50+ supporters crowded into the meeting room. With the added information presentation and statistics, it is obvious Allard has dedicated much time and effort into the movement.

And her effort has shown. Her Facebook Group, Coppell Dog Park, now has a steady increase of likes, currently at about 600 likes.

The next stop in the journey: the Coppell City Council Meeting.

At the rate it is going, it seems like Coppell may finally get a dog park.

For more information go on to Coppell Dog Park‘s Facebook Group.