Coppell Fire Department open house promotes safety and fun

By Jordan Bickham
Staff Writer

This Sunday, Oct. 7, from 1 to 5 p.m., the Coppell Fire Department will be holding an open house and safety fair.  The event will be at Fire Station three, which is located at 133 E. Parkway Blvd.  The goal of the event is to educate the community about injury prevention, safety awareness as well as emergency preparedness, which is why the event is open to the public.  The open house will have local business to share information as well as fire fighters and law enforcement officers Coppell citizens can come meet.

There will be a variety of events to teach the community about safety and health.  Some featured events include health screenings, weather awareness information and more.  Not does the open house include presentations, but attendees can also tour ambulances, police vehicles and fire apparatuses.

Health students wishing to possibly pursue in a career in public safety will be enjoy going to the open house as well since personnel from EMS, Fire and Police will be there to discuss health as well as career opportunities for those who are interested.  The event also keeps children in mind with bounce houses and games.

You can learn more about what is specifically going on at the open house by contacting (972) 304-3512.  You can also learn more about safety and health at the Coppell Fire Department’s webpage.