IB sells sunglasses for charity

By Nikki Dabney

Staff Writer

Every good idea starts somewhere.

You  might have seen a large portion of the school wearing sunglasses today- and no, it wasn’t just because it was Frat Tuesday.

Senior IB Economics students are selling official Coppell High School sunglasses for five dollars throughout the entire school year.

Last year, the Economics teacher Donette Alexander assigned a class project to come up with ideas of a business to raise funds for an organization called Kiva. Kiva’s mission is to create a worldwide network of micro-loan institutions to help create opportunity for entrepreneurs and alleviate poverty.

Alexander has done this project twice before and so far her classes have improved the lives of 26 entrepreneurs.

Eric Park, Ethan Foss, Aaron Bush, and Laura Kattilakoski thought of the idea to sell sunglasses with the cowboy logo and they called their business the Sunshine Crew.

“It is a useful product; it promotes school spirit; they are cheap and convenient, and the money raised goes to a good cause,” Park said.

Every successful business starts somewhere. Even at a desk of a high school student.