Annual College Night returns to CHS

By Thomas Hair
Opinions Editor

It is that time of year again. Seniors are pulling their hair out trying to sort out countless scholarship applications, college applications and essays before quickly approaching deadlines. Juniors, sophomores and freshmen are beginning to face the reality that the college decision process is no longer in the distant future, but is finally at hand.

No matter how far you are in planning your collegiate future, the annual CISD College Fair could be a tremendous help. The College Fair will be held Thursday, September 13 in the Coppell High School Commons from 6 to 8 p.m. Representatives from over 200 colleges, both large and small, will be available to answer questions or provide information about their school.

Attending the college fair can also be beneificial because the contacts you make can help you further down the road in the application process. Swiping your card a college’s booth also registers your name into their system. Showing your interest to a college in this way not only puts you on their radar, but can make a difference in determining if you are accepted or not. Colleges like to see that an applicant has expressed interest in them, an applicant that is actually eager to enroll if accepted.

To register for the CISD College Fair, visit For more specific instructions on how to register, read the bottom of the official flier.