Year in review

By Christina Burke
Staff Writer

The 2011-2012 school year has been a great one at CHS full of new faces, new activities and recognitions. Looking back on the highlights, it has been a pretty eventful year in the Coppell bubble that will not be forgotten just because it is summer vacation.

Aug 22- Jasso returns to Coppell as Principal

After leaving an administrative position at Coppell High School years ago, Mike Jasso returned to CHS this year taking on role of principal. Jasso is proud was proud to be back with the Cowboys and ecstatic to see good things come in his first term as principal. His motto, ‘make it happen’, led to a successful 2011-2012 school year.

Oct. 25- Gay-Straight Alliance welcomes members

On October 25, a groundbreaking club held its first meeting at CHS. The Gay-Straight Alliance formed this year, making school history on the controversial topic of sexual orientation. The club has taken off strong this year, and plans to flourish more during its future years.

Nov 19- Volleyball takes state title

The Coppell Cowgirl Volleyball team fought long and hard all season down to the very last point, succeeding in bringing home Coppell’s very first State Championship for the sport. Under the new leadership of Coach Julie Green, now a back-to-back championship coach, the Cowgirls were able to make CHS history.

Jan 13- Souper Bowl of Caring kick-off pep rally held at CHS

Due to the record setting number of cans that students gathered for the 2011 Souper Bowl of Caring fundraiser, CHS was asked to host a nationally televised pep rally to kick off the 2012 Super Bowl of Caring fundraiser with the motto ‘Tackle Hunger’.

April 3- Huge storm blows through Coppell

Students were called into a real duck and cover this year as a terrible storm raged upon Coppell. For the duration of sixth period, the students and staff inside Coppell High School were asked to gather in the hallways and stay away from the windows. After the storm passed, everyone was safe, but damage was costly to cars and homes around the city.