Life Planning for Families of Special Needs

by Caitlin Conner
Staff Writer

On November 3rd, Coppell ISD is inviting everyone to a free informational seminar from 6PM to 7:30PM at the Brock Center, 268 Southwestern Blvd., training room #1. It will be discussing the “ABC’s of Life Planning”including:

-The simple ABC’s of the SSI and Social Security System.
-How to obtain and protect SSI, despite a $2,000 asset limit.
-The importance of transitions – a third party prospective.
-Why a will and a trust is not the complete solution.
-The importance of the waiver programs.
-How to maintain control of your child’s future both today and beyond.

To reserve your spot for the seminar, please contact Debbie Gauntt at [email protected]