Final Renaissance adds to end of year excitement

By Jordan Bickham
Staff Writer

Every six weeks, students who excel in their classes get to rake in their rewards by having a Renaissance lunch.  Renaissance differentiates between those who get all As and those who get As and Bs with two different Renaissance lunches.  Gold Renaissance (all A’s) are allowed to leave campus two times each six weeks while Red Renaissance (As and Bs) only get to miss once per six weeks.  Even those who just have Red Renaissance still have a great time enjoying off-campus lunches every six weeks.

As the school year draws to an end, so do these priviledges.  Today is the final Renaissance lunch of the year and is for both Red and Gold Renaissance lunch students.  With both lunches going, it is going to be quite crowded around the school. Restaurant options close to the school include Chipotle Mexican Grill, Mooyah, J Macklin’s Grill and even Zena Sushi.  For those who want to get farther away, Rosa’s Cafe and even Siena Pasta and Pizza are great options.

Grab your Renaissance buddies and get ready to wrap up the school year on a high note with the final Renaissance lunch of the year.