Yearbooks available for pickup tomorrow

By Sarah Police
Staff Writer

The school yearbook documents all of the school year’s big events such as football games, pep rallies and Prom. They hold memories and almost everyone enjoys getting their yearbook signed to hold these memories for years to come. The yearbook staff works hard every year and stays after school countless times to ensure that the yearbook looks great and that everyone will enjoy what is inside.

Tomorrow, May 18, the CHS 2011-2012 Round-Up Yearbooks will be available for students to pick up. The yearbooks can be picked up from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon in the large gym. If your book is pre-ordered, be sure to have a photo ID. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to pick up your yearbook.

If you are unable to pick up your yearbook at the designated time, they will be available for pick up in A107 from May 21 to May 30. If you choose to receive your copy at these later dates, they will only be available to be picked up during fourth period or after school.