Coppell police urge residents to secure their vehicles

By Jordan Bickham
Staff Writer

Residents of the following subdivisions: The Waterford, Sherwood Park 1 and 2, Pecan Valley, Woodridge 2, Channel Pointe, The Meadows 4, Villages of Coppell, River Ridge and Riverchase Estates might want to take extra precautions to protect their vehicles as a new round of vehicle burglaries has targeted these areas.

The Coppell Police Department was busy on the night of April 29 and morning of April 30 as they responded to 15 reports of vehicle burglaries during this short time span.  The vehicles were all parked on the street of the residential subdivisions listed above.  Many of the vehicles suffered broken windows or punched door locks as the suspect attempted to get into the vehicle, while other vehicles were actually left unlocked by their owners.  Some of the stolen items include a variety of electronics and credit cards.

While no suspects were apprehended for the crimes, the Coppell Police Department Patrol and the Criminal Investigations Divisions are investigating the burglaries and are following up on all potential leads, so if you notice anything suspicious, contact the Coppell Police Department at 972-304-3610 or you can call 9-1-1.  You can learn more about contacting the police department at the City of Coppell’s website.

Since the suspects are still unnamed and on the loose, the police department urges Coppell residents, especially those of the above subdivisions, to protect their property.  Some precautions you can take are parking your vehicle in the garage (if possible), locking all doors and removing all valuables from the vehicle, or at least keeping them hidden from sight.  You can learn more about how to protect your vehicle and property at the city website’s Operation Secure Car page that has a list of ways you can help reduce car burglaries.