North Lake expansion creates unfamiliar waters

By Jay Carroll
Staff Writer

Coppell is certainly becoming a crop for evolution. Most of the city at this point knows that Old Town Coppell is being renovated. A lot of people are just now realizing that the old North Lake property is being developed into apartments and town homes. The entire property  purchased by Billingsley Company is about 360 acres, including the lake which will have new water levels.

Step one to the process is to build multi-family units, while this step may not take that long, the whole development will be under way for about 10 -15 years, reports the Coppell Gazette.

With the increase in housing, there will be an increase in the number of students attending Coppell ISD schools, even though the property is technically the City of Dallas property. CISD is hoping to build another school to help with the overcrowding that this development project may bring.