Pro-life day goes under wraps

By Angela Almeida
Opinions Editor

Last year, I seem to recall many students walking the halls, bound by duct tape heralding the word “life”. It seemed to be the annual Pro-life day and I was surprised as to the multitude of students who were in participance.

This year, however, was quite different.

Did anyone realize that just last week, on Oct. 19, the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity occurred? I saw no duct tape, no shirts and certainly no students advocating their beliefs.

Although personally I am pro-choice, I was taken aback by the decrease in support after just one year. Some are saying it’s due to the fact that Obama is in office. Doubtful. Others are saying supporters simply forgot. Quite unlikely.

Whatever the reason for this, it remains a mystery to me. Have any other explanations?