Police Department Motorcycle Competition rallies $20,000 for MetroplexCOPS

By Kristen Shepard
Staff Writer

In between stopping crimes, the Coppell Police Department has been busy at work planning and coordinating their 4th Annual Coppell Police Motorcycle Competition. Held on Saturday, March 31,2012 the event attracted an estimated 4,000 people, both officers and onlookers.
This training and competitive even attracted police motor officers from Texas and all across the nation. 52 motorcyle riders from as far as Lenexa, KS and Belmont, TX participated in timed events. All events were held at Wagon Wheel park in Coppell.
All proceeds from this event, benefitted the Metroplex Concerns of Police Survivors organization, or MetroplexCOPS for short. This charity provides financial and other resources to families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Though this support cannot undo the hardships these families will face, the hope is that the support provided can assist in rebuilding the lives of these families.
Other than assisting families, helps train law enforcement agencies such as police stations to rally support for the profession and its complications. More details on survivor victimization issues and the organization’s cause can be found at the organization’s website, www.metroplexCOPS.org.
This year, the city’s Police Motorcycle Competition raised over $20,000 to give to MetroplexCOPS. This brings their three year total to $46,000. Most of the money was generated through sponsors and competitors, but the custom bike show brought in a sum as well. Judged by radio personality Brad Barton and Dallas County Sheriff’s Office representative Sgt. Peritz.