Storms break the bank, your skylights

By Tanner McCord
Staff Writer

As I’m sure everyone has noticed, Coppell and several other Dallas areas were recently victims of a barrage of golfball to baseball sized hail, heavy rain and strong winds.

(Hail Storm video)

While students lined the school hallways in duck and cover position, back at home their skylights were in desperate need of a phone call to a window repairman. Coppell juniors Lizzie Bell and Preston Ramsey, Jesuit attendee Ryan Sapp as well as counselor Penny Davis came home to shattered glass and water where the light used to cover.

A skylight is basically a window in the ceiling that allows natural light to come into your house, hence the name. However, being on the roof, the skylights are obviously more prone to the elements – including hail.

Davis was lucky enough to have her sink catch most of the water that came through the empty space, but Sapp was not as lucky.

The Sapp home’s skylight is right above their kitchen and required quick work to soak up all of the water before too much damage was done. So far, the general consensus is that roof repair will be more costly than the water damage or lack thereof.

Davis, however, does not even plan on replacing the skylight, as this is her second time to experience a storm that caused the window to bust.

Given the enormity of the night’s hail, the highly exposed windows did not stand a chance against the mass of icy baseballs.

After a scroll through Twitter or Facebook, it is not surprising to see how damaging the storm has been, seeing as the large majority of recent social media posts are shattered and hole-riddled windows that look like they were on the receiving end of a gunshot.