Academy biology classes take the classroom outside

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

Today, February 28th, Ms. Richardson’s classes are taking their learning outside of the classroom.

While walking through the halls I couldn’t help but notice a large group of freshmen walking down the halls with nets and buckets. Obviously a strange sight for a school, I asked Ms. Richardson, their teacher, what was going on.

“Well since we are learning about microorganisms we are going out to the creek in front of the student parking lot to gather up protists.” Richardson said. “Once they gather the organisms they will have to identify six different protists through a microscope.”

Seeing this freshman Academy Biology class going outside to apply what they’ve learned to the real world really showed me that school can be fun and interesting. If teachers would just let students get more involved such as Ms. Richardson, then I believe that students would be more committed to what they re learning.

One question still stands though; what is a protist?