Students rewarded with renaissance, early release

By Jay Carroll
Staff Writer

On Friday, many students at CHS will end the week before Christmas Break on a perfect note. There is Renaissance for Red and Gold students on Friday in addition to the 2:30 early release.

I think it is awesome that students will be rewarded for working so hard in school by getting to go off campus for lunch, and then getting to come back and finish their day an hour and 20 minutes early. However, some students see two sides to this bonus.

“It’s good and bad, it’s bad because some students can abuse it and go home after renaissance and start their break even earlier,” says sophomore Jack Hobbs. “It’s good though because you can go to eat with your friends and plan what you are going to do over the break and you are not confined to the CHS cafeteria.”

Bring your money for off campus lunch and enjoy a nice early Christmas present.