Star party proves as a hit among students

By Dyer Whitt
Staff Writer

Yesterday, the Coppell High School ESS class celebrated their love for astronomy with a party and gathering behind the softball fields.

ESS, which stands for Earth, Space, & Science, is a fourth year science class developed by Ms. Binder that focuses on current events and controversies relating to the planet in which we live.

Students scoped out stars and planets with two telescopes brought by chemistry teacher, Mr. Brimage. The telescopes allowed participants to get a real life view of the universe that they have been studying since the beginning of the year. The weather was chilly and most students sported heavily layered clothing or massive blankets to combat the 40 degree weather. In addition to the festivities, hamburgers and hot dogs were grilled to fill the stomachs of the cold astronomers.

The star party hopes to make another appearance next year for incoming ESS members. If you are interest in joining the ESS club or class for next year, be sure to check out Ms. Binder’s homepage to get some insight on this awesome class!