Frost shows she has talent, work ethic to make it big

By Coleman Armes

Staff Writer

In the entertainment industry there are actors and actresses and there are also musicians. Every now and then, however, you have those talented few that can do both and at Coppell High School there just might be one of the next talented few.

Sophomore Alyssa Frost practices playing the piano, a skill she learned from four years of piano lessons. Photo by Rowan Khazendar.

Students often mention how they would love to get into acting, want to be a professional music artist, or learn to play an instrument but never really try. They think a goal like that is out of reach or very slim so they give up.


This is not the case for sophomore Alyssa Frost. She knows she loves acting and music and is making sure she does everything she can to continue doing these things and become successful.

“She sings all the time, I can tell she really has a desire for playing music,” sophomore friend Rachel Wooldridge said.

At a young age, Frost started practicing her skills. In the second grade Frost took piano lessons which lasted four years. She also took part in the Grapevine, Texas Oh Look Performing Arts Center musical “Annie” in the second grade and performed in front of 200 people. In the fifth grade she was Dorothy in Oh Look’s musical “The Wizard of Oz” and performed in front of 500 people.

While in Cottonwood Creek Elementary School, Frost also decided to take acting lessons from Katherine Sullivan inside Everybody Fits. Sullivan knows a thing or two about acting considering she is the mother of teen star Cody Lindley who played on Hannah Montana, other shows and in movies.

When Frost entered middle school, she did not slow down. She took theater at Coppell Middle School West and also began to teach herself to play guitar.

“Guitar was a challenge at first but after a while I really enjoyed being able to just sit down, play music and sing along,” Frost said.

During this time she also got involved with Icon Studios for Acting in Dallas. The studio gave her the chance to be a featured extra actress in the show “Chase” which was aired primetime on NBC. On the show she worked with Jesse Metcalfe, who also plays John Tucker in the movie John Tucker Must Die.

“I loved having the opportunity to be on ‘Chase,” Frost said. “It gave me the chance to work with experienced actors and see how people put together a television show.”

Frost was later honored with an award for her feature in “Chase”, as the Best Female Teen Featured Talent at the Dallas Cache Awards.

“Alyssa is very talented, she works hard and deserves all the recognition she gets,” sophomore friend Sierra Broadhead said.

Photo by Rowan Khazendar.

Now that Frost is in high school she focuses more specifically on the singing aspect. She has been taking songwriting classes for six months now at the Septien Entertainment Group in Addison. She also has been taking lessons the past two years for guitar to further improve her guitar skills.

Frost showcases her singing skills at her church, Irving Bible, and has two time slots for singing at Six Flags for its annual Holiday in the Park. She also has a YouTube account but you will have to ask her yourself to see her videos because they are private.

“I have come a long way from singing in my room to going on stages at places like Six Flags and I aspire to become a successful musician,” Frost said. “I know I will have to keep working hard but I believe I can do it.”