Academy students portray the plague

By Christina Burke
Staff Writer
If you are roaming around the main hallways during class today, there is a good chance that you will find yourself in the midst of the thirteenth century.Academy english teacher Clara Caussey has come up with yet another Project Based Learning (PBL) assignment to challenge the minds of her students. Sophomores from the EMAC, PSA and STEM Academies are required to participate in an improvisational reenactment of the Bubonic Plague from thirteenth century England. To earn their grade they must accurately portray their part, either victim, doctor or watchman including costumes and make-up. The Academies at CHS are famous for their adapted learning environment and this assignment is no exception.

“This is a really interesting assignment because as people walk by they get to visualize what was happening during the actual time period,” said Kasey Tucker, a participant in the activity. “I watch the people walk by and stare at me because no one knows what we are doing”.

This riot really is a sight to see. For more information about what’s going on in the academies, visit this site.