Another college sports scandal coming to light

By Seth Slover
Staff Writer

Following the Penn State University scandal involving ex-coordinator Jerry Sandusky, another scandal seems to be coming to light at Syracuse University within the basketball program.

After initial allegations were brought up, head coach Jim Boeheim vehemently denied the possibility of long-time assistant coach Bernie Fine being a child molester.  Shortly after, more convincing evidence of Fine’s guilt came forth after a recording of Fine’s wife was released over ten years ago testifying to his sin and insanity.

One question now at stake is the future of Boeheim.  Former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno lost his job for not doing more to report his assistant’s crimes.  If it becomes clear that Boeheim had knowledge of Fine’s molestation charges, then Boeheim’s job could be in jeopardy.

Only time will tell if Boeheim, a distinguished, respected college basketball ambassador, will suffer the same fate as Paterno.