Aspiring authors display their work on Wattpad

By Christina Burke
Staff Writer

Whether it’s a passion or a childhood dream, writing a book takes a creative, devoted person. Wattpad is a website created for new writers who wish to gain feedback on their work. It is available in many different formats, and according to the website, it is the most downloaded reading application ever. With many different categories to chose from, the website has endless topics to read and write about. They even have their own ‘Watty’ awards where authors can win prizes.

Sophomore Elizabeth Sims is a published author on the site, and is currently working on her second full length novel. Sims really enjoys writing and plans to continue posting her work on Wattpad. Her first novel, ‘Burning Hate’, is a thrilling Christian work that has nearly 4000 views. The upcoming story she is working on is called ‘Rough Seas, Hard Feelings’, a murder mystery.

“It’s definitely a good experience because I can get feedback and it makes me feel like I’ve done something I can be proud of and that other people appreciate,” Sims said.