Seniors get a lesson on applying to college

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

With school already in its second week seniors are not only trying to focus on school work but also applying to colleges. Luckily for us in the senior class, we have counselors that are happy to show us the proper way for applying and what we will need.

Today, August 30, the seniors were pulled out of their english classes and given a crash course on how to start the application process. If you weren’t paying attention, seniors, here’s a quick summary.

First, you’ll need to set up a Naviance account (which should have been done last year) and then add the colleges that you are applying to on your account. This account will allow you to view what you are missing from a school’s application and allow you to get transcripts, test scores, and teacher recommendations sent. So basically, Naviance will do everything but apply for you; don’t you just love technology?

Second, you’ll have to find time in between Jersey Shore and chilling with your homies to actually go to the school’s website that you are applying to and fill out the application. You may have to send some items in specifically by mail but that shouldn’t be that much of a hassle. Just make sure your handwriting while addressing the envelope to the head of admissions isn’t completely atrocious.

Third, you’ll need to write essays if the school requires it, sorry guys, and then decide if you want to apply for some sort of scholarship or financial aid. This might require some more work but it’ll be worth it once college expenses come around.

Finally, the waiting game begins, just sit back and wait for the schools to reply. Don’t get heartbroken if a school denies you but make sure you have a back up; don’t just apply to one school because you might jinx yourself. But if you do knock on wood and hopefully, you’ll be fine.

Well that’s it, my fellow seniors, have fun with those applications. If you are too lazy to read this blog, seniors I’m talking to you, you can always go to your counselor and they will be happy to help with your college process.