Sandy Lake to undergo massive reconstruction

By Mary Whitfill

Features Editor

West Sandy Lake Road between Denton Tap and South Coppell road will be revamped to widen to street to four lanes and improve drainage in the area. In addition to widening the road, a sidewalk will finally be added to the high-traffic stretch, and a hike and bike trail will also be constructed.

The road way is expected to improve traffic flow and provide a safe environment for pedestrians, specifically those walking to and from Coppell High School. Citizen’s improved the reconstruction in the 1999 Bond Referendum.

The city has been improving Sandy Lake Road in sections over the years, and these final improvements will complete the job. Total improvements are expected to cost $5.1 million from Denton Tap to South Coppell Road, and $3.7 million for the section between north and south Coppell Road.

Construction on the road will not begin until the first few months of 2012, but the city has begun to inform the city’s residents and those who live near where the changes will take place. Bidding for contract improvements will begin in the fall, and city officials will choose the contractor by the end of the year.

For more information on the construction, email Keith Marvin, project engineer, at [email protected]