Big day for Seniors on Tuesday

Beth Anne Carroll

Staff Writer

The class of 2011 has a lot to look forward to tomorrow. Coppell High School seniors have several big events taking place tomorrow morning. The day will start with a free breakfast in the commons at 7:45. Seniors will be provided with breakfast and will have an opportunity to deliver any thank you notes to staff members. Following breakfast, the annual senior awards ceremony will be held in the gym at 9:00. All seniors, juniors, and sophomores attend the awards and senior parents are welcome to attend as well. Seniors must make sure to dress nice, but appropriately.

After an eventful morning, the most anticipated part of the day arrives; Senior Skip Day. Seniors have the opportunity to skip an entire day of school with the school’s permission. The school is hosting a trip to Six Flags, open to all seniors, but it is not required. Many students will find other ways to celebrate their day of freedom.