Seniors unite with style

Ashley Attanucci
Web Manager

Every year as second semester comes to a close, the only word on a senior’s mind is college. However, each senior class makes an effort to unite one last time before their farewell to Coppell High School during Senior Dress-Up Week, a week organized outside of school by seniors and for seniors only.

Though years past have tried to carry out this tradition, no other class has participated as heavily as CHS’ graduating class of 2011.

“I think this group has definitely been a little more eager to participate, which is good,” Student Services Receptionist Linda Adams said. “Maybe that’s because of precedents set in past years. It’s good to see guys get into it, too.”

Planned and organized by senior Sarah Spence, Dress-Up Week has reached much of the senior class through Facebook and word of mouth. Through the Facebook group, seniors were able to voice their opinions on themes.

“This great tradition tends to fail,” assistant principal Jeremy Varnell said. ”But this year, it’s going pretty strong, It’s awesome to see.”

On Monday, the school seemed to be in a Hawaiian setting as hordes of seniors were seen in Hawaiian shirts, leis flower necklaces and grass skirts. Tuesday was ‘80s neon-themed for girls and “throwback jerseys” for boys; Wednesday was the favorite “Frat” day.

“Frat day was really fun, and everybody dressed up and we all kind of looked the same,” Spence said. “Wednesday was my favorite day.”

Thursday was Patriotic Day, where seniors sported red, white and blue from head to toe, from earrings or an infamous Wal-mart USA flag T-shirt, down to blue socks and shoes. Friday, the most endearing day for seniors, was college day.

“I haven’t missed a day,” senior Tyler Woodby said. “I wish we would’ve done more weeks like this. It’s a good way for the class to come together and have fun before they’re about to leave for college where we can have just one last memorable experience school-wise and for all of us to be on the same page.”

Of all school days, Friday is the one where most pride fills the halls as seniors dress in their new school colors. Burnt orange, maroon, cardinal and gold, crimson, buff and blue, and many more diversity in college choices can been seen than in the halls of CHS. Friday is also the day where most participation is seen.

Though some may perceive this dress-up week to be the last shouts of the senior class, class of 2011 will have more memorable experiences as the year comes to a close, like school-sponsored Senior Skip Day, graduation and Project Graduation.