Improving the district through bonds: the CISD plan

Mary Whitfill
Features Editor

Coppell Independent School District is looking to improve the condition of facilities and programs throughout the district through replacing air conditioning and heating systems, as well as providing new sports equipment. These goals are expected to be met through the wise distribution of bond money.

Beginning in 2008, CISD organized a community committee to visit each campus and assess what their individual needs were. Within the year, the committee had put together a list of a few hundred things needed in various buildings and the district came up with about $50 million in bonds, the expected cost of the improvements. The first rounds of bonds were secured in 2009, helping the district to complete dozens of projects. Now comes the next round, in which the district will use $14-15 million in district wide improvements.

While not all decisions have been made as to where the money will go, one place that has been established as in need of money is Cottonwood Creek Elementary. Cottonwood Creek will be receiving a new roof, carpet and handwash stations, as well as a completely renovated air conditioning and heating system. After having done similar renovations to other older district buildings with the bond money, the district is down to their final schools: Cottonwood Creek, Valley Ranch Elementary and Pinkerton Elementary.

Coming back to CHS, the most notable athletic venue to receive renovation will be Buddy Echols Field. The field will be receiving a new score board and will be selling advertising for the board, so it will eventually pay for itself.