Town Center movies captivate city’s families

Mary Whitfill

Staff Writer

The City of Coppell recently hosted outdoor movie nights for local families, showing child-friendly movies on Friday nights. With free admission and popcorn, families with children of all ages crowded into the Coppell Town Center Plaza to enjoy the show.

Families brought blankets, lawn chairs and various forms of dinner to the small area behind Town Center. Complete with a popcorn stand, small area of picnic tables, and a moderately sized viewing screen, the event captured the feel of a drive-in movie, including the wide open spaces for children to run around in before and after the showing.

For the last four weeks, Coppell has shown The Blind Side, Land of the Lost, Nanny McPhee Returns and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Friday April 8th marked the last day of scheduled movies with the 3D showing of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Although the movies differ in content, they are all able to entertain a wide variety of audiences.

“My family loves anything outdoors, so the movie nights are always a blast” Coppell resident and mother of two Allison Harrison said. “We love to load up the kids in the wagon and walk over to enjoy the movies while sitting on our blanket and eating popcorn together.”