Prom tickets go on sale today

Peter Sblendorio
Sports Editor

Going to prom? Starting today, tickets to the Coppell High School senior prom go on sale at all lunches. Tickets start at the price of $85 each, and they will remain that price throughout this week. Students are encouraged to purchase tickets this week, which is March 21-25, as ticket prices will increase to $95 each starting on Monday, March 28 and then to $105 on Monday April 4.

Seniors are the only ones that are able to purchase tickets, but students of all grade levels are allowed to attend the CHS prom if they are accompanied by a date that is enrolled at the high school as a senior. In addition, students bringing dates from other schools must fill out forms before the dance to allow their dates to attend.

Seniors buying tickets will also vote for senior class superlatives and the prom king and queen. These awards will be announced at the Coppell prom on April 9 at the Dallas Trade Center.