Distinguished students attend photo sessions for end of year banquet

Divya Kumar
News Editor

This Wednesday and Thursday, CHS and [email protected] students in the top 5% of their respective class will be attending a photo session at the Bob Freeman Photography Studio, located near Coppell Middle School West. These students will be honored at a banquet later in the year and are allowed to bring one teacher who has had a major impact on their educational career as their honored guest. These teachers will also be attending the photo session with their respective students.

The list of students for Coppell High School and New Tech High, with their corresponding teachers, is as follows:

Mitu Bhattatiry – Tim Dixon (CHS)
Kim Le – Jennifer Martin (CHS)
Jenny Wang
– Bianca Coker (CMSN)
Benjamin Huang – Robert Gribble (CHS)
Adam Warner – Heather Aston (CMSE)
Srishti Goel – Zach Sherman (CHS)
Krish Suresh – Donnette Alexander (CHS)
Dmitri Potemkin – Michael Vergien (CHS)
Audrey Eichenberger – Ann Clark (CHS)
Jeanne Feng – Susan Creighton (CHS)
Angela Song – Scott Mason (CHS)
Judy Hong – Malenda Kunkle (CHS)
Michael Rieger – Yvonne Arista (CHS)
Danielle Herubin –  Susan Wrangler (Wilson Elementary)
Janice Kim – Ian VanderSchee (CHS)
Michael Hays – Mike Yakubovsky (CHS)
Dinesh Seemakurty – Chris Gollner (CMSE)
Mackenzie Orr – Jodie Dienhammer (CHS)
Divya Kumar – Patrick Melville (CHS)
Sydney Kapp – Katie Cowhig (CHS)
Hunter Heaton – Tony Quinn (CHS)
Guey Shin Loo – Brandi LeBlanc (CHS)
Julia Kim – Paula Russell (CHS)
Sarah Barlow – Kevin Casey (CHS)
Meera Patel – Laila Sanguras (CMSW)
Aubrie Apple – Rhonda Hermanski (CMSW)
Akanksha Joglekar – Holly Whiting (CHS)
Ava Lindstrom – Jeb Puryear (CHS)
James Cao – Donald Youngstedt (CHS)
Tyler Vender – Roxanne Farris (CHS)
Priya Chitta – Holly Anderson (CHS)
Lucas Williamson – Brittany Reese (CMSN)
Nicole Bartley – Clara Caussey (CHS)
Mason Leach – Paul DeVos (New Tech)
Kristen Miller – Kolby Kerr (New Tech)
Shehryar Siddiqui – Kim Wootton (New Tech)
Taylor Mays – Derryl Lee (New Tech)

Generally, the photos taken at these sessions are of a more comedic manner, dealing with a topic related to the subject which the selected teacher teaches. These pictures will be placed in the booklet created for the banquet along with a blurb written by the student as to why they picked the teacher they did. This year’s banquet will take place on Monday, May 3, with a theme of “Oh The Places You’ll Go!”

For more information on the banquet, contact Jenny Reynolds at [email protected]