Starbucks rolls out new drink size, continues industry domination

Mary Whitfill

Features Editor

Starbucks’ knack for caffeine soaked goodness is becoming larger-than-life, as it introduces a new drink size. The ‘trenta’ will hold 7 ounces more than the company’s current largest size, the venti and will, on average, cost 50 cents more. The new cup will only be available for cold drinks such as teas and iced coffees.

The new drink size unveiling is causing a stir, and not just among it’s coffee loving admirers. Many studies have been released comparing the new size to the size of the human stomach. At 916 mm, the trent a actually exceeds the capacity of the average stomach (900mm).

A clever way to avoid the claims that these new drinks might be contributing to the obesity crisis, Starbucks says that these drinks, even the sweetened versions, will not be more than 239 calories. In fact, a non sweetened iced coffee can run as low as 5 calories. While this low calorie count is a possibility, it is also possible to run up the calorie count on a Starbucks drink to over 900 calories, double the amount of a super-sized soda.

The Seattle based coffee company rolled out the new container in response to McDonald’s new coffee drinks, which were becoming Starbucks’ biggest competition. The fast food chain is now producing more than just their regular coffee, adding frapachino type drinks and lattes to their famously unhealthy menu.

If the size is a success, blended drinks such as frapachino’s may make their way into the massive cups and down the unquenchable gullets of the American Starbucks lover.

The new size will be available in 14 states Tuesday, including Texas, and will have made it’s way across the nation by May.