And the Award Goes To…

By Wren Culp

Video by Lauren Gurevitz and Wren Culp

Every year I always end up yelling at my television during one event. The Oscars. Being a film junkie,  the Oscars are my Super Bowl. I always watch every year devotedly.

Here are my picks for the categories of for the 2010 Oscars:

Best Director

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Screenplay (adapted)

Best Picture

Best Director:

Culp’s Pick: David Fincher (The Social Network)

Fincher has a near perfect track record and continues his streak of fantastic films with the movie about the stealing and founding of Facebook. If you haven’t seen this movie, you’re not on my good side. You can read my Social Network review here.

Best Actor:

Culp’s Pick: James Franco (127 Hours)

Franco portrays Aron Ralston, the man who got stuck in the Grand Canyon only amputate his own arm to escape, marvelously. He brought a certain life to the character that made you care about him, and that’s what acting is all about.

Best Actress:

Culp’s Pick: Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

Portman deserves best actress for her role in Black Swan more than any other actress of the last five years. Sorry Meryl Streep, there’s always next year. Portman plays Nina Sanders, a girl trapped within layers of herself, perfectly. I cannot describe in words the magnitude of her performance and the movie itself. You can read my Black Swan review here.

Best Screenplay (Adapted):

Culp’s Pick:  Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network)

This can easily be said to be one of the best screenplays of the year. Sorkin brings a deep dark side to the founding of a social networking site which is quite incredible in itself. With smart witty sentences read by an unbelievable cast, Sorkin should be proud of his work.

Best Picture:

Culp’s Pick: The Social Network

I don’t think I’ve waited for a DVD to come as eagerly as I’ve waited for this one. The day it came out I went and bought the Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital Copy edition, even though I don’t own a Blu-Ray player. That’s dedication. With a blending overtone of dark humor and witty characters, The Social Network fits the best category picture in every aspect.

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