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Emojis… :) or :(

Emojis... :) or :(

Avery Davis, Staff Writer

March 4, 2016

Most people understand the universal language of emojis. The smiling face is typically meant to convey happiness or satisfaction; the crying face mimics grief or discontent. Most obvious, perhaps, is the red, irritated-looking face with eyebrows drawn down into a scowl: anger. Rachel Buigas-Lopez ...

Cell phones serve as plague to social interaction

Juniors Caitlin Nutt, Ali Conte and Taylor Abramson take B lunch on Thursday to 
catch up on social media while junior Kaylee Geiser attempts to catch up with her friends. Photo by Nicole Messer.

October 10, 2013

By Kristen Shepard Editor-in-Chief It is a Saturday night in the middle of summer. A group of nine of my friends and I sit around a table at Parma’s Italian Restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday that we have been planning to celebrate together for weeks. Everything about the night leads ...

And the Award Goes To…

January 13, 2011

By Wren Culp Video by Lauren Gurevitz and Wren Culp Every year I always end up yelling at my television during one event. The Oscars. Being a film junkie,  the Oscars are my Super Bowl. I always watch every year devotedly. Here are my picks for the categories of for the 2010 Oscars: Best...

Why audiences will “like” The Social Network

October 15, 2010

By Wren Culp Staff Writer/Webmaster “PUNK. GENIUS. BILLIONAIRE.” The giant ad banner is intriguing, taunting, exciting, but more importantly, dark. The sign creates an environment that the viewer is trapped in. You don’t know what it means. You don’t know what it can mean. And if you ...

What’s the buzz about Google Buzz?

April 5, 2010

By Wren Culp Staff Writer Google has one of the best reputations for online products the world has ever seen. They have made countless products, including the biggest search engine in the world, Gmail and even Google Earth. Now, Google is bringing something new to the table. Social networking site, seem to dominate the Internet now a days. It is becoming the new method of communication...