Good final study locations for Coppell high schoolers

Divya Kumar
News Editor

While the end of Winter Break is often mourned by students simply because of their return to school, the stress of finals is an additional factor. While this week has been termed “dead week”, meaning no clubs or extracurriculars meet so students have adequate time to prepare, the next one will be one characterized by incessant studying and testing.

Many students find it difficult to study for long periods of time simply at home; luckily, there are many places around Coppell that facilitate quiet study time.

The Coppell Public Library, for starters, is the ideal study-spot within the city. With multiple tables around the area, computers for internet access, and a coffee-machine located in the lobby, the library offers much for students to utilize. There are even group study rooms for larger parties and a “quiet” room for students who wish to study without the silent chatter that occurs in the main library. The Valley Ranch Library is also another ideal study spot, offering the same features, and closer to some students homes.

Starbucks and Biggby Coffee are also two other ideal study choice. With an abundance of coffee and other snack treats, the shops facilitate larger study sessions. The remodeling of Starbucks allows for more students to have a hard writing surface, while Biggby’s facilitates with bright-light and couches. While it may be difficult to study alone at these places as it is at the library, they are ideal for larger sessions.

For those who like to study outside, Andy Brown West Park is yet another suitable location. There are many small tables that line the duck pond that are suitable for students who have long chapters of reading to complete. The park is relatively quiet and when the weather isn’t too cold, it makes a relaxing study location.