Obama goes back to Washington

Chris Cummins
Staff Writer

Obama’s much-heralded move to the center has occurred. A day ago, Democrats accepted the new balance of power in the House and Senate, and passed the Bush-era tax cuts.  Coming at a time when the president’s power is at an all time low, the passage of a compromise bill is perhaps but the first sign of Obama’s turn to the center. 

Passed at midnight, the bill extends tax cuts for both the rich and the middle class that George W. Bush passed as part of his eight years in office. The reason the bill was subject to such scrutiny because it is a watershed moment in the new 111th Congress. The compromise represents the new balance of power, and the end of a Democratic controlled government. .

This compromise heralds the new change of power, and the move of Obama to the center. Soon after the election, pundits wondered whether Obama would strike back at the GOP by pulling to the center, as Bill Clinton did after the election of 1994.  It seems, with the passage of the tax bill, Obama is sore to disappoint.