Favre’s streak stopped short of 300

Cal Ripken’s streak of 2131 consecutive games played was remarkable, but not near as impressive as Brett Favre’s 297 straight games, which concluded on Monday night. Thousands may separate the two streaks in number of games but the physical toll on a player in the NFL is much greater.

Over his career, Favre must have tons more scrapes, scars and bruises than Ripken during his streak. And what is most amazing, is that Favre was a warrior to the highest level, always believing that he needed to be on the field every week, for his team and his love for the game.

His valiant streak was halted due to his shoulder being injured the week before against the Bills. During his career, he fought through inuries like these, as if he was indestructable. Favre’s bend but not brake ability, however, was not an option after he exclaimed that his fingers were numb.

Though Favre was absent for the makeshift Monday night game versus the New York Giants, his Vikings still showed up to play, or so he thought. Back-up quarterback Tarvaris Jackson only accounted for 118 yards passing and running back Adrian Peterson had his season low 26 yards rushing on route to their 21-3 defeat at Ford Field.

Favre’s streak may have been incredible but his team is not. Without him playing at a high level, his team is putrid, despite having a pro bowl receiver and a top half-back.  Not only is his historic and unreachable record done, so is his team as the Vikings stand 5-8, on the outside looking in on the playoff hunt.

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