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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey dazzles mortal viewers

Ian McKellen as the Wizard Gandalf the Grey in the fantasy adventure,

December 19, 2012

By Thomas Hair Opinions Editor It has been over a decade since Frodo Baggins defeated Sauron and the Ring to the amazement of moviegoers worldwide, magnificently concluding Peter Jackson’s mission to translate Tolkien’s written masterpiece The Lord of the Rings into visual masterpiece. As...

Favre’s streak stopped short of 300

December 14, 2010

Cal Ripken's streak of 2131 consecutive games played was remarkable, but not near as impressive as Brett Favre's 297 straight games, which concluded on Monday night. Thousands may separate the two streaks in number of games but the physical toll on a player in the NFL is much greater. Over his caree...

Saints march into season with pride

September 10, 2010

Rebecca Neumann Staff Writer Last night, the Super Bowl champions returned to the field in style. Well, for the first quarter at least. The opening drive of the night ended in a fabulous touchdown by Drew Brees. The Superdome erupted into applause that was laced with more than just team pride....