Tea -a current favorite beverage

Ashley Attanucci
Web Manager

This weekend I made one of the best investments of the year- on Teavana’s most popular tea flavor: Samurai Chai Mate, a combination of two seperate Chai blends.

I had been eyeing this tea since last Christmas, I remember, when I tasted a sample as I hurried out of the mall, debating whether I should make the investment or not. For ten dollars or more per ounce of loose leaf tea, I figured that I should really love it before I buy it.

When I visited the Galleria of Dallas again this Saturday, after having let the idea of the Samarai Chai marinate with each tea craving over the past year, I weighed the pros and cons in my mind once more, which included price, cafeine intake and whether I would actually enjoy the product at home.

The motto of Teavana is, after all, “opening doors to health, wisdom & happiness”, and I was finally able to forsee and check off two of the three for myself. My thought process went a little bit like this:  Wisdom -check- because drinking hot tea will set me in the mood to study, plus the caffeine of the Mate will energize (or crash) me; happiness -double check- because this tea is delicious and makes my taste buds dance with joy and warms me up, which is a definite neccessity for the winter time. (As for the health benefits, I don’t take cafeine well, and I figured that drinking tea with sugar is not a better substitute than water).

Two out of three was good enough for me!

I drink a cup each morning to warm me up and even brought some in a thermus that kept warm for well over four hours on a road trip to UT Austin.

And the Teavana cashier was so right -their organic non-processed cane sugar does “enhance the tea without interrupting the flavor.” (I am for sure a marketer’s dream).