Woman marries herself

Kara Adkins
staff writer

We can all agree that loving yourself is important and we’ve all been swamped with sayings such as “you must love yourself, before you can love another.” However, Chen Wei-Yih took this saying way too literally when she held a wedding with no groom and only a bride. Since she turned 30 and still had not found Mr. Right she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and still have the wedding of her dreams. There was a fancy white dress, and the guests all showed up for the event, the only thing missing was the groom. Personally, I feel as if there are better ways to express your love for yourself. To go spend around $6,000 on basically a pretend wedding comes across a bit narcissistic in my mind. This reminds me of that chant I used to say when I was little “Well if you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” But Chen Wei-Yih actually followed through with it. What is she planning on doing if she does find that prince charming she decided not to wait for? Divorce herself? Is that even possible? For every girl out there who wants to show the world she truly loves herself, go be in a Dove ad or go for a good jog and take care of your body, don’t go and marry yourself.