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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Freshman Forecast: How to end toxic relationships

Sofia Exposito
Toxic friendships can be blind to the eye, causing emotional damage that can affect mental health to a large degree. The Sidekick staff writer Sydney Araujo thinks people should communicate to avoid potential harmful relationships. Graphic by Sofia Exposito

You walk into your seventh period and take a seat next to your best friend. They’ve been different lately. They starts talking to you and everything seems OK, until a guy friend sits next to them. 

They starts talking about how badly you dress, bringing your mood down. You start to feel really upset. They doesn’t only do this in front of guys, They does it in front of anyone, just to make herself look better. A lot of people warned you to distance yourself from them, but you didn’t listen because you thought they seemed nice and because you have known them since 8th grade.  

Slowly,  they get more toxic. They get upset whenever you talk to your other friends and not her. This isn’t healthy and when you told one of your best friends they told you it was time to end it.

Putting yourself first can be hard, but your feelings are valid and no one should tell you otherwise. It can be hard to end a friendship that meant so much to you but you have to remind yourself. This isn’t a healthy friendship. In order to stay away from these relationships, there are some signs to look out for. 

Passive aggressive behavior

Passive aggressive behavior is when someone is indirectly saying something negative towards you.Some examples of someone being passive aggressive is when someone says “you’re too sensitive” or “why can’t you just take the joke.” 

Ignoring your boundaries

Ignoring boundaries is when someone doesn’t give you space and don’t acknowledge your personal discomfort. An example of someone ignoring your boundaries is when you ask them to stop trying to control who you can be friends with but they continue to point out the little things your friends do.

Bringing you or other people down

Bringing people down is when someone talks bad about another person or yourself, such as talking about a person’s looks and the way a person dresses.

You can talk to your friend explaining how you don’t like the way you have been treated and how it makes you feel. Respect is very important in a friendship. People can’t just assume just because y’all are friends that they can disrespect them. 

However, if they say that they will change and try to do better, you should try giving them a second chance. If that person decides your friendship means a lot to them, then they will learn to change.

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Sydney Araujo
Sydney Araujo, Staff Writer
Sydney Araujo is a sophomore and a first year staff writer on The Sidekick.
Sofia Exposito
Sofia Exposito, Staff Designer

Sofia Exposito is a sophomore and staff designer for The Sidekick. Five years ago, Sofia moved to Coppell, Texas from Venezuela, as her relatives reside here. Although English isn’t her first language, Sofia was able to pick it up quickly upon her move, taking only about one or two years. She adores drawing and spends most of her time sketching and creating designs and cartoons whenever she can. Her love for drawing has only grown over the years as Sofia aspires to be an animator and work for a large animation company one day. Some of her favorite animated movies are Spirited Away and Totoro as she’s a huge Studio Ghibli fan, and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. She's an extrovert and loves to involve herself in conversation with new people, especially about things she’s very interested in. She loves the beach and swimming due to the beautiful sunset scenery. Her favorite foods include: anything chocolate, but mostly M&M’s, which are perfection in her eyes, and McDonalds. Contact her at [email protected], or on Instagram (@sofiaexpriv).

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