A closer look into the perfect jeans

by Ashley Attanucci
Web Manager

I had never before considered this to be such an issue, but after reading about an invention called “Hemming My Way” I realized how much hems really do matter.

It is so true that the length of your pant leg can make or break any outfit. This fact is the reason why we girls, well some of us, spend so much effort and money trying to tailor our jeans! Though I’ve always been too lazy to take my pants to a tailor (too lazy to foot the bill), it has bothered me morning after morning, playing with the bottom of my pant leg -folding under, folding over, scrunching up- trying to create the perfect pant length.

Hemming My Way is a new idea that allows instantly for the perfect length of any pants. Today, you could wear this pair of jeans, plus Hemming My Way, with flats; tomorrow, wear the same jeans, minus the miracle hem, with heels. The product is basically an adhesive tape you use to fold your pant leg under and stick the jean to itself, while using a snapping mechanism to hold the hem in place.

According to the reviews, this is not a product worth $19.99. It only received one star out of five, due its one-use-only capabilites, though the box promises uses up to eight or more times. What a disappointment, because this idea seemed pretty promising.