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Letter from the editor: Embrace the things you don’t love

Vibha Viswanath
The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sri Achanta encourages students to stick with things they may not love. Throughout her years on The Sidekick, Achanta has grown from being apathetic towards writing to embracing it.

I live a life of irony. 

I sit here and write, or rather type this letter, but I’ve always been apathetic towards writing. My words just don’t flow as eloquently as I would like. 

I understand the technicalities that come with forming a sentence – a comma before a coordinating conjunction, a semicolon to connect two complete sentences. But it’s the figurative aspect, the one that forges a connection with the reader, that I struggle with – maybe that’s why I’ve written mostly news stories these past two years.

At first, it would take me hours to conjure up a lede that I liked. I would start a story one day and write everything but the introduction. I’d then give myself the next three days of leeway in hopes of reaching an epiphany as to how I can capture the audience’s attention.

I take things in a very formulaic manner and sometimes do not know what to do with that extra space to let loose.

This is my third year writing for The Sidekick. And if I’m being frank, I still have not developed a deep love for writing. I find myself exploring other outlets of storytelling, but here I am, once again, hovering over my computer to type up my newest piece.

But I’m fine with this. In fact, I am proud of how I’ve stuck with it. Loving something isn’t a prerequisite for benefiting from the experience; there are always valuable lessons to be learned. 

It used to take me time to piece together my stories, but now I can do so in one sitting. More important to me are the skills that I’ve seen come into fruition. I write with confidence, voicing my thoughts through clarity. 

I find myself stepping out of my comfort zone more often, exploring ways to express my opinions without a rigid structure – an ability that just came with practice. I’ve had my fair share of “aha moments,” finally conjuring up a lede that I am happy with.

A new school year has started for us all, and I offer this piece as motivation for you to make a conscious effort to reflect on that mundane thing you have been doing. For me, it’s writing, even though it’s part of my job. For you, it can be anything  – that activity you’ve forced yourself to do for continuity or even the job that you may be doing just for the money. 

Take this time to appreciate all you have learned and keep at it. 

Follow Sri (@sriachanta_) and @CHSCampus News on X.

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About the Contributors
Sri Achanta
Sri Achanta, Executive Editor-in-Chief
Sri Achanta is a senior and the executive editor-and-chief of The Sidekick. She finds joy in finding narratives within conversations to create compelling stories. In her free time, you can find her reading fantasy and mystery novels, her personal favorite book being Legendborn by Tracy Deon. Sri also enjoys painting still life, prefering acrylic paint over oil paints anytime. One of her favorite artworks is a sculpture by Michelangelo called the “Pietà”.  Sri is always up for a good plate of sushi or a meal at her favorite restaurant, Siam Thai, where she gets her go-to favorite dish which is spicy drunken noodles. She loves to top off her dinner with her favorite drink, Matcha tea. She also never passes on an opportunity to hang out with her friends and family. Her favorite childhood show is “The Wizards of Waverly Place” and she’s currently on her fourth rewatch. To contact her, you can email her at [email protected] or on 'X' (@Sriachanta_ ).
Vibha Viswanath
Vibha Viswanath, Staff Photographer
Vibha Viswanath is a junior and staff photographer for The Sidekick. This year, Vibha hopes to try new things in Sidekick, explore her interests, and work on various types of media. In her free time, she likes to bake and watch TV. Her favorite TV show is New Girl, and she likes to watch movies with family and friends. Her favorite food is drunken noodles, and she loves to drink Starbucks and Diet Coke. As a member of HOSA, she aspires to study medicine and become a surgeon. You can contact Vibha at [email protected] or follow her on Instagram @vibha_kv.  

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    Sukirtha MuthiahJan 22, 2024 at 10:22 am

    Plot twist! Such an insightful and surprising story in the best way!