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Just the beginning

CHS adjusts to new year during first week
Kayla Nguyen
Students fill Coppell High School’s main hallway during third passing period. Tuesday marked Coppell ISD’s first day of the 2023-24 school year.

Waking up on Tuesday morning, the air feels quite different. The feeling of summer withers as routines, old and new, re-enter the lives of the people at Coppell High School

Students are walking to the bus stop after two months, seniors have their last first day at CHS and teachers meet their students for the first time. Changes are everywhere, marking just the beginning. 

As the year begins, issues such as late buses and crowded halls occur. However, CHS assistant principal Sorelle Kimball thinks it is just a matter of time and adapting to mitigate those situations.

“Compared to the first and second day, the late buses and the congestion in the halls wasn’t as much, because people started to figure out things like the side staircases they could take or learning their bus schedule,” Kimball said. “I feel like once you get to start ironing out those routines, it makes it easier to adjust to what’s happening around you.”

Many Coppell High School students travel to school by bus on Wednesday for the first B day of the school year. Tuesday marked the first day of the 2023-24 school year for Coppell ISD. (Rhea Chowdhary)

From being confused between B and C hall to being in the presence of upperclassmen, sophomores are learning to navigate the school as they shifted from the tight-knit Coppell High School Ninth Grade Center to the vaster CHS. 

“I got used to having one grade around me, so when I saw three grades being in the school at the same time, it felt overwhelming,”sophomore Vibha Vedagiri said. “I felt a bit calmer by the end of the [second] day though, because I felt like I knew the school and its people a little better.”

Not only sophomores, but new teachers got their first experience at CHS as well.

After teaching seventh grade science at Coppell Middle School East, AP Biology teacher Sarah Grover also had her share of different experiences as it was her first time having a class with A and B days and teaching high school students. 

“In middle school, it’s so fast and furious and you see everyone every day,” Grover said. “Not having the block schedule and actually having time to get to know my students, and hang out with them without the pressure of only having 40 minutes, has been super fun. I’m excited to build relationships with my kids and be able to have a great first year at CHS.”

Walking into the north entrance of the school and seeing the National Art Honor Society drawn chalk art representing the senior class, as well as the big poster hanging high in the main hall created by the CHS Student Council, commemorating the graduating class of the 2023-24, gives nostalgia for seniors as they begin their last year at CHS. 

“When I saw the chalk writing saying ‘Class of 2024’ in front of the school, it really hit me that I’m actually a senior and not a freshman,” senior Saanvi Gourishetti said. “During these first two days, while I was sitting in my classes, it felt so weird thinking how this is my last year, and in one year, I’ll be in college.”

Coppell High School juniors Srishti Behera, Sai Kasiraman and Niyathi Yamunan talk in the hallway before the school day starts on Wednesday. Tuesday marked the first day of the 2023-24 school year for Coppell ISD. (Rhea Chowdhary)

Going into the school and walking out, one thing stays the same: the smile of CHS Principal Laura Springer. Whether it is when she is near the library, welcoming students into the school, and helping control the bus loop after the last bell rings, Springer is always happy to just be there. 

“During the first day of school, my favorite thing is seeing [students] coming in,” Springer said. “It’s great having the opportunity to have kids back in the building with the noise, laughter, tears, and whatever it might be. Getting to meet kids I haven’t seen during the summer and seeing teachers interact with their kids is just the greatest feeling ever.”

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Sahasra Chakilam, News Editor

Sahasra is a junior and the news editor of The Sidekick with an unwavering passion for reporting and writing. She’s a hardworking student at Coppell High School by day and an active media enthusiast by night. She loves to be outside, walking along scenic trails teeming with a multitude of wildlife. Otherwise, she’s biking through the roads of her neighborhood, enjoying the bountiful winds in Texas with her fellow friends. 

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You can contact her at [email protected] or follow her on 'X' (@sahasrachak24).

Kayla Nguyen
Kayla Nguyen, Executive Photography Editor
Kayla is a junior and the Executive Photography Editor for The Sidekick. She loves music and trying out new coffee shops with friends. Kayla loves taking photos and is especially a fan of sports photography. Outside of The Sidekick she loves running her digital camera instagram account (@kaylasdigicams) and going to work.
Rhea Chowdhary
Rhea Chowdhary, Video Editor
Rhea Chowdhary is a junior and the video editor of The Sidekick. She produces, assists and collaborates on videos of the community of Coppell, and creates lots of multimedia content in general. You can contact her by email ([email protected]), and follow her work on Instagram (@rhea.chowdhary) and X (rhea_chowdhary).

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