A new kind of frocket

by Ashley Attanucci
Web Manager

Exploring another interesting creation, called the Pocksie:

It is a clever solution to a problem encountered by many –the lack of a pocket. Its slogan is “No purse. No pocket. No problem!” as it promises to securely hold all one’s important, traveling belongings, like ID, cash, and credit cards.

The Pocksie (what a cute name) slips underneath your clothing and sticks like an inner pocket. It is, of course, adhesive –though I question whether it will even support the weight of a pen. It is advertised as something that can replace a purse on a girl’s night out, but the Pocksie won’t hold lipstick or really anything that is more than two-

Though the Pocksie doesn’t seem like a realistic solution to a pocket-less dilemma, I applaud the company for creating a biodegradable product. The Pocksie, made in the U.S.A, is made of 100% biodegradable cotton fibers, so now you can plant a pocket in your flower bed!

More reasonably, I can see the Pocksie to be helpful as a pocket for the inside of bags and pursues for a convenient place to hold a shopping list or some emergency cash.