Siblings going to College

Staff Writer
Chase Porter

I have been a little brother for 16 years of my life until just a few weeks ago when I moved my older brother ,Payton, into his college dorm.

Moving my brother into his dorm at the University of Richmond in Virginia, of course, my mom and dad were sad and surprisingly, my dad was the one crying! To me it was just like my brother going to a summer camp but now that he has been gone for over a month I am starting to feel the affects of his absence.

This blog is for little brothers and sisters that will be losing a sibling in the next few years and, like me, will be an only child for the rest of your high school life. First off, you may be wanting your sibling to leave but don’t be so anxious to push them out the door; now all of your parents attention is on you and trust me its not very fun. Second, you may miss your sibling a lot after a long amount of time but keep in touch because your older sibling might invite you to the college to hangout and go to some frat parties. Finally, if you think you might never see them again, think again! They will be back for holidays and the entire summer so be on your guard because they will be dying to mess with a little sibling!