Park’s pencil exploring patterns, prose


Sreeja Mudumby

Coppell High School senior Rose Park, sophomore Sarang Goel and junior Jeffery Wang work on their sustained investigation project during their second period AP drawing class. Park has taken art classes since elementary school and is currently a graphic design intern for The Dallas Morning News.

Sreeja Mudumby, Executive Editorial Page Editor

Sitting in a corner of the classroom, her mind drifts to the edge of Switzerland, where she sits in her standard hoodie. In her imagination, a picnic basket filled with neat rows of strawberries lies next to a pile of  sketchbooks. Her pencil scratches against the rough paper, streaking as pieces of lead sprinkle away. The others around do not know these scribbles form stories.

Stories created with both letters and pictures. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Coppell High School senior Rose Park delivers stories through both art and writing. 

Park’s devotion to art began in elementary school and fully developed when she joined the Coppell art program at Coppell Middle School East.

Although most artists have a specialty, what differentiates Park from other artists is her lack of niche. 

“I’m the type of artist where I like to be very diverse with the mediums I use,” Park said. “I’m not particularly a fine artist or a digital artist, I’m more of a multimedia artist. Each medium that I use has its overall advantages, but in class I would mostly focus on fine arts such as painting or drawing.”

Park chased opportunities to express herself artistically outside of CHS art classes. As an intern for The Dallas Morning News, Park works with a mentor to design data-driven graphics to supplement stories. along with some of her own creative projects such as designing magazine covers.

 “I was not expecting [the internship],” Park said. “I dream for the best but expect the worst. I put my effort into it all, [my art is] all equally made, and high school art made me think outside the box.”

To get this internship, Park had to go through two application processes, one with the University of North Texas and one for The Dallas Morning News. Though this seems tedious, completing the application was one of Park’s favorite parts of the experience. 

“Doing this process was a lot of fun,” Park said. “I really enjoyed it because along the way, I did what I like. Writing letters, creating new artworks to show them and talking with people. But this whole thing just fascinated me and my motivation and consistency is what made me be here today.” 

Apart from art, Park also writes stories in her free time. Though this is not a hobby she is developing, writing also helps Park express herself.

“I just write for myself,” Park said. “Whenever I think of stories [at any] time of the day I’ll be like, ‘oh, that’s a really good idea’ and I start rambling on the keyboard. I edit my own [pieces] because it’s also a skill to know how to edit or be more creative in how I can respond with words.”

Along with her passions, another factor that drives Park is her determination. 

“One of the things I really like about [Park] [is that] she has a go-getter attitude,” Coppell High School senior Mrinmayee Jana said. “When she wants something she’ll do it, and she’s independent.”

These same attributes are ones that left a lasting impression on CHS digital art teacher Cameron Tiede, who taught her for two years. 

Pullquote Photo

“A lot of people think if you have two passions, you have to choose one. I don’t think it’s true. You don’t have to throw [your interests] away.”

— CHS senior Rose Park

“[Park] really excelled in AP, and a lot of it was due to her determination and hard work,” Tiede said. “That’s really the only way you get really good at art. You can be naturally gifted at something, which she is, but I would attribute more of it to her hard work.”  

Though Park is unsure about her future, one thing she is certain of is carrying both art and writing with her. 

“A lot of people think if you have two passions, you have to choose one,” Park said. “I don’t necessarily think it’s true. You can major in one and work on the other one during your free time and have both of them along the way. You don’t have to throw [your interests] away.”

There are many things Park hopes to accomplish, but one thing she hopes to nail down is her niche. 

“One thing that’s on my bucket list is to find more of my own style,” Park said. “I have a lot of friends that have their own unique style and sometimes I wish I had that. Even with storytelling, [I want] to find my own style, find more enjoyment and learn about myself.”

Awaiting her future, Park continues to drift into the hollows of Switzerland, where the heart of her peace lies between the blades of grass.

“I want to go somewhere peaceful and [not] think of any stress,” Park said. “ I think it’d be interesting to go around and just draw whatever [I] want. I heard that Switzerland is so pretty over there so I just want to lie in the flowers and just draw the whole day.”

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