Stadium receives new, improved video board from 1Vision Media


Angelina Liu

The Buddy Echols Field video board was revealed at the football game against Plano Prestonwood Christian Academy on Sept. 3. The board was renovated over the summer.

Varshitha Korrapolu, Communications Manager

As the previous video board in Buddy Echols Field was reaching the end of its life, the Coppell athletics department agreed to a contract with 1Vision Media, which included a fully-funded new video board. 

1Vision receives the advertising revenue from the video board, while giving a portion of these funds to Coppell ISD. 

The partnership with 1Vision Media, a media company that partners with high schools to improve their sporting events experience, was established and the video board provided in May 2021. 

In an attempt to find a new video board to replace the previous video board with poor sound quality and low resolution, the Coppell athletics department contacted several companies, including 1Vision. 

Hype videos, instant replays and commercials are played on the video board for fans to enjoy. 

The new video board, flood lights and stands filled with fans adds to the thrill of attending sporting events at Buddy Echols Field. Coaches think this plays an important role in a program’s success, as athletes feel a boost in confidence with the community’s support. 

“It creates the whole college aspect,” Coppell assistant Karl Pointer said. “Things that they see on TV, they get to experience. It adds to the whole fan experience. If we can build a greater community within Coppell, and the video board is something that’s going to draw people to the game, then I think it’s a great experience for us.” 

Even though the video board is new, there is room for improvement. 

“I think the sound quality still needs to improve,” CHS Principal Laura Springer said. “It’s still crackling a little bit in there. I absolutely felt the video portion of it was fantastic.” 

According to 1Vision Media manager Will Tyner, last year was a test run to experiment with the former video board to show Coppell and advertisers what 1Vision Media would do with the new board. This year, the same procedure will occur with a new board coming to the CHS Arena. There will be a four-sided video board installed in the CHS Arena towards the end of this month. 

1Vision is offering several options for advertisements, played during timeouts and changes of possession. Advertisements can be on the video board during pregame, halftime and postgame. There will be ads present on both the left and right sides of the board and

advertisements will be added to a loop rotating the ads. There are also video advertisements available in 15 second, 30 second and 60 second slots. 

The video board is connected to an app named 1Vision containing information such as rosters, profiles and directory information for athletes, Lariettes and band members, games, trivia and coupons. 

The new video boards foster  community involvement by connecting with KCBY-TV, local businesses and Coppell residents with sporting events.  

“We spread love, a servant’s heart and a servant’s attitude,” Tyner said. “We are doing the hard parts. We are spending the money to bring these things to [the Coppell community].” 

Not only has 1Vision provided new features to the video board and an app, but they are also working with KCBY-TV students to project photos and videos onto the video board. 

KCBY-TV students operate Blackmagic cameras and fiber optic cables to film the game. These cameras are connected to a tricaster that allows photos and videos of sporting events to be projected onto the video board. 

“1Vision Media is a genuine company that knows how the board works and how the graphics work,” senior KCBY-TV program director Jada D’Silva said. “That itself will enhance the viewers’ experience. We have someone tell you when it’s defense, and someone talking now throughout the game. We even have music. Everything is much more structured than it was last year.” 

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