Learning from students

Why individuals at CHS inspire me as student life editor


Josh Campbell

Coppell High School has a diverse environment. The Sidekick student life editor Victoria Hertel reflects on how her time spent in the uniqueness of Coppell has brought a range of inspiration.

Victoria Hertel, Student Life Editor

Two years ago, when I joined The Sidekick, I wasn’t quite sure if the program was a fit for me. 

Contrarily, as I wrote my first story, I noticed how fulfilled I felt after learning about someone else’s accomplishments, opinions and life. Rather than focusing solely on myself, I could turn to other students and teachers at CHS for insight and inspiration, while being able to share their stories with even more people. 

After reading new stories on Coppell Student Media, I was encouraged to keep writing about the outstanding students who were learning alongside myself in our school, which is why I am honored to have been the student life editor this year. 

Students at CHS are relentless, hardworking and open-minded. Part of the reason why these students are this way is because of the role models which we have, including teachers and administration. 

Because of the persistence of the teachers at our school, many students continue to give their effort during the toughest of times. We will go down in history as students who persevered through a school year with many setbacks including COVID-19, record breaking low-temperatures and distance learning

The students at this school are some of my best teachers; they help me believe in the possibility to accomplish whatever I set my mind to. It’s possible to do all of my coursework and start a personal project, join a new extracurricular or go out to an event that I didn’t know much about before, all while being compassionate to others. 

In the future, I want to surround myself with people as good as those I’ve met at this school – people who root for each other and lift each other up. 

Meeting different students at CHS and The Sidekick has taught me how to be a human being, rather than someone who robotically turns in assignments each day. I love to interact with different people at this school because everyone is so unique and cares about something, everyone can teach you something and that’s what I learned from the students here. 

After graduation in two weeks and summer break, I will be moving to Malibu, Calif. to attend Pepperdine University. I won’t be seeing my family, current friends or any of the individuals which make up the CHS student body on a regular basis anymore.

Even though I’m moving on to a new chapter of my life, where I will soon see a new set of faces every day, I will take the lessons I’ve learned from my excellent peers with me in my heart. 

CHS and The Sidekick have been life-changing. The ability of people at the school to contribute in so many diverse ways to our community helps other people become convinced that they can make a difference themselves. 

Whether that’s a student who volunteers at the Dallas Zoo because they believe in advocacy for ethics at zoos worldwide, or one who is encouraged by her yearbook adviser’s strength; I feel empowered through these perspectives. 

I leave this position as student life editor with infinite love for this program and our school; I am so thankful for this experience and that I have crossed paths with each student I’ve met at this school.

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