#Starworld: Nannapaneni capturing hearts through melodies

Tanvee Patil, Staff Photographer


The Starworld video series is published every Friday showcasing the talents of a Coppell resident. This week, Coppell High School sophomore flutist Reema Nannapaneni was selected.

Nannapaneni is currently second chair flute in Symphonic II band and was a part of the CHS9 Symphonic Band last year. She has been part of the Coppell Band program since she was 11. Nannapaneni chose to join band to fill an empty elective spot she had as a sixth grader at Coppell Middle School West.

“I needed an extra elective after taking the sixth grade math CBE, so I chose band and got placed into the flute section and have continued with it ever since,” Nannapaneni said.

Along with band, Nannapaneni also is a classical Kuchipudi dancer, Telugu student tutor and academic decathlon participant. She takes many accelerated courses such as AP biology and AP calculus BC. With her challenging courses and time consuming extracurriculars, it may seem challenging to manage being a part of band as well; however, Nannapaneni does not see band as a struggle, instead as a way of relaxation.

“Practicing flute has always served as a bit of stress relief for me, so it is something I look forward to doing,” Nannapaneni said.

Because of this, Nannapaneni looks forward to band everyday, where she can practice her talent without any worries.

Due to COVID-19, many extracurricular activities, including band, have been impacted, resulting in fewer and online practices. However, this has not stopped band members from continuing to make memories with each other. Nannapaneni describes her favorite memory in high school band to be the UIL State Marching Contest in San Antonio in December.

“We were stuck on a bus for a 12 hour round trip, but it was a lot of fun sitting with my friends and just messing around,” Nannapameni said. “Plus, it was our final performance of our show, so energy levels were high going into the competition. That feeling of being in the moment and hitting our sets and the music lining up perfectly was incredible.”

Watch The Sidekick staff photographer Tanvee Patil’s video to see Nannapaneni display her talent.

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