Band students interview for leadership positions

Rebecca Neumann
Staff Writer

This week, many stressed band students roamed the halls of CHS. Why? Because this week many tried out for coveted positions in the band known as section leaders and squad leaders.

For those who don’t know, section leaders are in charge of the other people in the band that have their same instrument, flute, trumpet, etc. Depending on the size of the section, they could be responsible for twenty people or sixty or somewhere in between.

Squad leaders have a less stressful job though it is equally as important. They are assigned specific members of their section to help them and teach them marching fundamentals.

Starting Monday of this week, many freshmen, sophomores and juniors have been trying out in the hopes of earning one of these positions, staying on the practice field for an hour and a half after school until Wednesday and then interviewing with the directors on Friday.

The process is long and stressful for everyone and the hopefuls have to sweat out the results over the weekend until they are finally posted on Monday.

So if you happen to see a band student on Monday that looks stressed out, give them an encouraging high five, because they are trying out for positions that take time and dedication.